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2021 Ford Mustang Mach E ceramic coating, tint, and complete XPEL paint protection

The arrival of the newest automobiles at our installation business is always thrilling. like this cutting-edge electric SUV version of the 2021 Ford Mustang. The full paint protection treatment, known as XPEL works, was ordered by the owner. The Mach E initially received a complete exterior ULTIMATE PLUS ppf covering. Then, using FUSION PLUS ceramic coating, we applied a second layer of paint protection. The next step was to tint all of its glass using PRIME XR PLUS TM ceramic window tint. UV-protected window tint and daily scratch and chip protection are also included on this Mustang Mach E. 

ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection

A clear, strong film called ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection wrap was created to shield surfaces from scuffs, paint chips, and corrosion caused by outside pollutants. pollutants such as insect acids and bird droppings. ULTIMATE PLUS ppf leaves a high-gloss sheen on wrapped surfaces and is essentially undetectable. The ‘self-healing’ capabilities of the paint protection film operate in conjunction with direct sunshine to remove mild paint damage like swirl marks and microscopic scratches.

We provide partial front paint protection wraps, which cover the front bumper and a portion of the hood and side fenders. The whole front, often known as a “clear bra,” is our most well-known ppf treatment and covers the entire hood, fenders, front bumper, side mirrors, and headlights.

FUSION PLUS ceramic coating 

Water, mud, and road filth are repelled from surfaces by the hydrophobic qualities of the FUSION PLUS ceramic coating. Surfaces may be protected for a long time with just one treatment. For the purpose of protecting exterior paint, inside upholstery, glass, plastic trim, wheels, and brake callipers, we provide a variety of FUSION PLUS ceramic coating detailing services. Our ceramic coating improves paint colour depth and makes surfaces simpler to clean. Surfaces as a consequence shine more brilliantly and have a rich premium sheen. 

One should constantly be cautious of potential threats because this summer’s temperatures are predicted to exceed triple digits.


One of the main causes of skin cancer is prolonged exposure to UV radiation. Window tinting made by PRIME XR PLUS blocks 98 per cent of infrared heat and 99 per cent of UV radiation.

From practically translucent to the darkly tinted XR BLACK, we offer PRIME XR PLUS in a variety of shade grades. The XPEL window film will not obstruct people’s vision when it is at its darkest tint. a benefit while driving at night. In the summer, tinted windows are practically a need.

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