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How Ford Improved the Interior of the New Mustang

The improvement over Ford’s prior pony car is as notable as the modifications made to the engine and the back axle, and it accurately captures the rate at which automobile interiors—even those in retro-themed pony cars—are modernizing.

The interior design team for the Mustang created two distinct concepts into full-scale clay models before deciding on the eventual course of action, as is typical for any new-car development. The first, which was a development of the previous model, prioritized high-quality materials. The second, which eventually served as an inspiration for the production vehicle, evoked an airplane by using a long, wing-shaped span of metal that extended from door to door.

In addition to being more attractive, the aviation motif prevailed because it was created with a shallower dash in mind, a feature that the competing proposal lacked. The instrument panel on [the departing Mustang] is quite large, heavy, and ponderous, according to Doyle Letson, Ford’s principal interior designer. We came up with the idea to install the [knee] airbag in the glove box door as a first for Ford. When we came up with this idea, everything became significantly slimmer.

The design team softened the surfaces and added dash stitching, taking cues from the initial concept’s luxury features. As a result, the interior is larger and more luxurious than any Mustang in recent memory.

1. This double brow, ingrained in the DNA of the Mustang since 1964, produces symmetry that is the opposite of a driver-oriented cockpit.

2. The 1967 Mustang served as inspiration for the aluminium legs, which show that Ford was prepared to shell out some cash.

3. The previous automobile had hard plastic for the top door panels. They are now soft vinyl.

4. With this cutline, replacing the top trim for midcycle changes or limited editions is simple. If we can obtain some fresh developments, it provides us the chance to soften it, claims Letson.

5. Aluminum highlights wrap around the steering wheel rim where your thumbs rest in the outgoing Stang.

6. According to Letson, storing the knee airbag in the glove-box door decreases the depth of the dash by approximately four inches, giving the passenger more room for their knees.

7. The ignition switch is located on the side of the toggle switches that are opposite in right-hand drive markets. Left- and right-hand drive automobiles can share the same center-stack trim panel thanks to this otherwise balanced arrangement.

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