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Other muscle cars on the market cannot compare to the exhilaration and style that comes with driving a Ford Mustang. Given how widely used it is, there are countless Mustang car parts and extras you can buy to give your Mustang the unique look it needs to stand out on Sydney roadways. Because of this, Mustang Mania has put together a list of some essential Mustang car accessories you should get for your Mustang. Let’s look at it!


This is the ideal add-on for Mustang drivers with manual transmissions to make gear-shifting more enjoyable. This smooth-to-the-touch carbon fiber shift knob adds a luxury touch to a pony car that is already outstanding. The center console and interior are entirely black, which complements it well.


These sports pedals, which are offered for both automatic and manual versions, have an aluminum finish to give your Mustang a performance boost and the actual meaning of depressing the gas pedal—within the bounds of the city, of course. Each pedal is made of metal, has slip-resistant pads on each cover, and is simple to assemble.

These robust floor liner mats were designed for the climate in Sydney. The all-weather mats for your Mustang are made with deep grooves and ridges to protect the interior of your car from snow, rain, mud, grime, and everything else you can think of. Each mat has a robust retention system and nibbed backing to hold them firmly in place without slipping.


You can’t go wrong with flaunting that vintage Mustang insignia for those seeking an additional touch of flair. To show off your Mustang passion and history wherever you go, add a pair of low-gloss center caps with the recognisable pony emblem to each of your rims. One set is available only with 18-inch wheel kits and has a total of four caps.


For extra peace of mind, secure your Mustang’s wheels and tyres with a pair of chrome-plated wheel locks. See the impact these locks make in the safety of your Mustang’s tyres by using them to replace any exposed lug nuts on your rims. The kit comes with a total of 4 locks and a key to add or remove them, and you also have the option to add additional locks to replace any concealed lug nuts.

These were only a few of the Mustang parts Granville we advise you to think about purchasing for your Mustang. Do you want to know what else we suggest? To learn more, stop by our store in Mustang Mania Sydney or get in touch with our parts and accessories division!

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