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The Evolution of Custom Steering Wheels in Mustang Cars

Race on the road! Over the years, multiple companies have attempted to enhance and customise the Mustang in different ways. But one of the most popular customisations is the steering wheel. Through the ages, it has recast significantly, marrying aesthetics with functionality.

This journey through the evolution of Mustang steering wheels not only reflects refinements in automotive technology but also the changing preferences and safety mandates in car design.

 Let us race on to the custom steering, a potent symbol of the Mustang’s enduring legacy.

Eye on…Evolution of Custom Steering Wheels in Mustang Cars

From classic wooden designs to modern carbon fibre creations, the elaboration of custom steering wheels in Mustang cars reflects a blend of aesthetic charm, comfort, and functionality that continues to captivate car enthusiasts and drivers.

Transition to Modern Innovations

Preface of Airbags: One of the most significant changes during this duration was the integration of airbags. This safety component necessitated a redesign of the steering wheel’s design and textiles, leading to more cumbersome designs but greatly enhancing tenant protection.

Multifunctional Controls: With the rise of onboard recreation and transmission systems, steering wheels started to include controls for audio, cruise control, and later, telephone and voice commands. This allowed drivers to operate various car functions without taking their hands off the wheel, improving safety and convenience.

Adaptable Steering Columns: Another innovation was the introduction of adjustable steering columns, allowing drivers to alter the height and reach of the steering wheel Mustang for a more relaxing and ergonomic driving position.

They hold touchscreen controls, voice reigns, and heated steering wheels. They also have evolved sensors that detect the driver’s grip and alert the motorist if their hands leave the wheel while driving. Mustang’s steering wheel also has extended power steering technology that is responsive and accurate, which makes driving more comfy and efficient.

Current Design Trends

– Material and Ergonomics: Modern steering wheels in Mustang cars feature a variety of premium materials, such as leather, soft-touch plastics, and metal accents. The focus on ergonomics is obvious in the contoured grips and strategically positioned controls, designed to minimise driver exhaustion and enhance the driving experience.

Digital and Connectivity Features: The integration of digital displays within the steering wheel or as part of the steering wheel assembly is a notable trend. These displays can show a range of information, from speed and navigation to audio settings and real-time car diagnostics. Connectivity features, including Bluetooth and voice command systems, are now standard, allowing for seamless interaction with smartphones and other devices.

Customisation Options: Recognising the desire among owners to personalise their Mustangs, manufacturers and aftermarket companies offer a wide range of customisation options for steering wheels. Choices include various colours, materials, stitching patterns, and even LED accent lighting, catering to individual tastes and preferences.

Performance-Oriented Designs: For Mustang models with a performance focus, steering wheels are designed with features such as flat bottoms, thicker grips, and paddle shifters for manual gear selection. These elements not only enhance the car’s sporty aesthetic but also provide functional benefits during spirited driving.

Let’s Start the Race!

The evolution of custom steering wheels in Mustang cars tells the story of automotive innovation and design ethos that has developed over decades. As technology continues to advance, we can only anticipate further innovations that will transform the humble steering wheel Mustang into an even more integral part of the driving experience.

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