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The great Mustang Shelby GT500 and GT 350 bar that you need in 2022


For the most part, the Mustang has been one of Ford’s best-selling vehicles due to its sporty appearance and exhilarating, powerful performance. The most current Mustang Shelby GT 500 bar and GT 350 bar is no exception and is sure to wow you with the features listed below.

MP Concepts GT500 and GT350 Style Mustang Bar

The MP Concepts GT500 Style Mustang Bar, which closely mimics the forceful and menacing Shelby GT500 Front Fascia, will give your Mustang the Shelby GT500-inspired look. The bar for the Mustang GT350 designed by MP Concepts is made of OEM-grade polypropylene, a robust and long-lasting thermoplastic polymer with exceptional impact resistance. With a light black stipple texture and a snakeskin design, the integrated chin spoiler and grilles are likewise constructed of polypropylene. The front fascia, chin spoiler, turn signal bezels, upper and lower grille mesh, and hardware are all included in the MP Concepts Front Fascia Kit. Headlights, fog lights, and turn signals are not included in the package because they will be carried over from your Mustang.
The MP Concepts GT500 Bar is made to match your existing standard bumper exactly. This MP Concepts Front Fascia Kit is shipped unpainted so you may choose the colour to suit your needs. MP Concepts advises having all body parts professionally installed. Before painting, it is advised that you test fit the front bumper. The 2018-2020 GT and EcoBoost model Mustangs may be equipped with the MP Concepts GT350 bar. With this bar, keep all 2018–20 factory features, such as Active Cruise Control and Forward Collision Alert. Get the best GT Mustang Parts only from Mustang Mania today for the best performing Mustang parts for your GT 500 and GT 350.

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