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The One and Only Affordable Stealth SUPA Package by Mustang Mania

Are you ready to take your Mustang experience to the next level? Mustang Mania is proud to present the Ford Mustang Stealth Edition Package, a comprehensive customization bundle that transforms your beloved Mustang into a true automotive masterpiece. Priced at $41,500, this 2022 ford mustang stealth edition package offers an array of top-notch upgrades and modifications that will make your Mustang stand out from the crowd.

Carbon Fiber Elegance: C/F Splitter, Grill, Side Skirts, and Rear Window Vent

Our Stealth SUPA Package starts with a touch of carbon fiber sophistication. We outfit your Mustang with a C/F Splitter, Grill, Side Skirts, and Rear Window Vent, all crafted from lightweight yet incredibly durable carbon fiber material. This not only enhances the car’s aesthetics but also improves aerodynamics for a smoother and more efficient ride.

Enhanced Aerodynamics and Style: C/F Diffuser and APR Track Spoiler

To boost your Mustang’s performance and style, we include a C/F Diffuser and an APR Track Spoiler in the 2022 ford mustang gt stealth edition package. These additions not only provide improved downforce and stability but also give your Mustang an aggressive and track-ready appearance.

Indulge in Unparalleled Interior Luxury: Carbon Fiber Dash, Inserts, and Steering Wheel

As you step into your personalized Mustang, prepare to be enveloped in a realm of opulence like never before. Our exclusive package encompasses the exquisite C/F Dash, Inserts, and a Steering Wheel, all complete with a Color-Accented Airbag and tasteful carbon fiber embellishments. These top-tier interior enhancements seamlessly blend elegance with a sporty edge, elevating your driving experience to new heights. What’s more, we’re committed to supercharging your Mustang V8 engine, ensuring optimal performance with every exhilarating ride.

Attention to Detail: Custom Front Guard Vents, Upholstery, and Window Vents

Every detail matters when it comes to customization. We offer Custom Front Guard Vents, Upholstery enhancements, and C/F Window Vents to ensure your Mustang boasts a unique and personalized look that sets it apart from the rest.

Exterior Excellence: Tinted Windows, Custom Badging, Custom Deck Lid, and Rear Light Tint

The Stealth SUPA Package leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the exterior. Tinted Windows and Rear Light Tint provide privacy and a sleek appearance, while Custom Badging and a Custom Deck Lid proudly display your Mustang’s individuality with the performance of the best Mustang engine.

Roll in Style: Custom Wheels and Painted Brakes

Your Mustang’s wheels and brakes should match its newfound attitude. Our package includes Custom Wheels and Painted Brakes, allowing you to choose the perfect combination for a head-turning presence on the road.

Performance Enhancement: Custom Suspension, Slotted and Drilled Brake Rotors, H Pipe, and Engine Cowl

We believe in optimizing performance as well as aesthetics. The Stealth SUPA Package features Custom Suspension with Coil Overs, Slotted and Drilled Brake Rotors for superior stopping power, an H Pipe for enhanced exhaust note, and a Custom Engine Cowl for added cooling and style.

Protection and Shine: Aluminium Expansion Tank, Custom Stripping, and Ceramic Coating

To ensure your Mustang remains in pristine condition, we include an Aluminium Expansion Tank for improved cooling performance, Custom Stripping for added flair, and Ceramic Coating to protect your investment from the elements.

With the Stealth SUPA Package by Mustang Mania, your Mustang will become a true masterpiece, blending stunning aesthetics with enhanced performance. Elevate your driving experience today and drive the road in unparalleled style and sophistication. Make your Mustang stand out, make it SUPA!

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